We're not the dowdy, old fogy fuddy-duds the mainstream media try to portray us as. We rock! Our ideas rock! Our music rocks! And on November 2nd 2010, we rocked this nation from coast to coast! So whether you're 18 or 80, if you love freedom, calling your own shots, limited government, American exceptionalism, the Constitution, and telling DC (and Boise, Tallahassee, Sacramento, Austin, Albany, Nashville, etc) to mind their own damn business, you're a Tea Party Rocker. So let's rock!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

53% by 10 Pound Test music and lyrics by AJ Anonymous
copyright 2012

You got a lot of nerve to say you speak for me.
You say we're both the 99%, that's not what I see.
You sit in your tent, smoking dope, and bashing the American Way
While I get out of bed, take a shower, and go to work each day.

Ten years of college, and three useless degrees.
Psychology and Humanities were easy As, or in your case, Cs.
But not you got no job, you can't pay your bills, 'cause with all that school you've got no skills
That anybody needs, you can't afford a home, so how's that anyone's fault but your own?

We...are...the 53%, and we're sick and tired of how our money's spent
By the socialists in our government.
Their "fundamental change" we resent!
We...are...the 53%, income taxes, we pay every cent.
We do it without your acknowledgement
'Cause we...are...the 53%!

I'm not a rich man, but I plan one day to be.
Gonna get there by workin' hard, and self-sufficiency.
I don't hold a grudge against the 1%, but their very existence you resent.
Life's not fair, there are no guarantees, you gotta work 'cause nothing in life is free!

We...are...the 53%, we're not the cause of your predicament.
We're getting tired of your lament that you're the victim of the Establishment.
We...are...the 53%, and you're so smug and arrogant.
You show no gratitude for what you've been lent by us...the...53%!


The American Way, you despise it
I defended it, you criticize it.
Don't play by the rules, you don't participate
You just march in the streets and spew your hate.
You're against our system of free enterprise
'Cause competition is so unfair in your eyes.
You wanna bring it down, our nation on its knees,
Well that makes you my enemy!

'Cause we...are...the 53%, we make it all work, we're the cement
That holds society together for your betterment, but everything we stand for you resent!
'Cause we...are...the 53%, you're so hostile and belligerent
We've drawn a line against your intent, 'cause we...are...the 53%!
The 53%...
The 53%!
We...are...the 53%...

Friday, April 22, 2011

What happened to the Spirit of Flight 93?

WARNING: graphic videos, portraying severe beatings and extreme cowardice

As a nation, we were shocked, horrified and frightened on 9-11-01. We had been caught with our defenses down, more concerned with who killed a Washington, DC intern than we were about who was coming to kill us. The silver lining in that extremely dark cloud was the bravery displayed by the firefighters, police and paramedics of New York, and by the passengers of United Flight 93. Knowing it was probably a suicide mission, the passengers fought to take back their plane, which eventually crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Their bravery likely saved the White House or the US Capitol. The last words of Todd Beamer, “Let’s roll!”, have become icons of American bravery, as much as “Remember Goliad, remember the Alamo!”, “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here!” and “Nuts!”

How things have changed in 10 years.

I’ve recently seen a couple of videos that make me hang my head in shame at the cowardice of the American Sheeple. Both involved bystanders, well…standing by while someone got the living crap beaten out of them. The fist took place at a pizza parlor, where a woman trying to break in line got mad at a guy who was describing the situation to someone on a cellphone. She went and got her boyfriend, an ex-drug convict, who proceeded to beat the snot out of the guy, knocking him unconscious and breaking an orbital bone, while the rest of the customers watched and did nothing:

Video of attack from TruTV

So much for the old adage, “Pick on someone your own size”, eh?

The second took place at a Baltimore McDonald’s, where a group of girls continually beat another girl, kicked her, and dragged her by the hair, while the (apparent) store manager puts up a weak-sister attempt to stop the attack. Finally, one brave folder lady attempted to intervene, but the attack continued. The McDonald’s staff merely stands by and watches, at one point, even urging the assailants to leave, because the police were on the way. Meanwhile, the young victim lay on the floor in convulsions -- she’d been beaten into a seizure:

McDonald's attack video

What the hell has happened to us? Where’s the Spirit of Flight 93? In both of these cases, the victims could have been killed and may have suffered permanent injury. Is that the kind of nation we are now, willing to stand by while our fellow Americans are attacked by gangs of thugs, or by gigantic ex-convicts? Are we so afraid of getting hurt ourselves that we won’t go to the aid of another? Are we so sorry that the best we can do is catch it all on our iPhones, so we can post it on You Tube or “worldstarhiphop.com”.

Thankfully, not all of us are complete cowards. Recently, in Sarasota, Florida, a young Marine and his wife made the “mistake” of trying to quiet a crowd of teens and 20-somethings at a screening of “Little Fockers”:

Article and eyewitness statements about attack on Marine and his wife

A crowd estimated at 50-100 followed the couple out to the parking lot and attacked them, while the theater manager reportedly did nothing to intervene. The Marine and his wife were both punched and kicked, and could have been severely injured (or killed), had it not been for one brave CCW permit holder, who drew his pistol and held the mob at bay until the police arrived (remember: when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away). In the end, five of the thugs were arrested, the couple was slightly injured, and the Good Samaritan CCW holder faded back into obscurity. Whoever he is, I hope he realizes he possesses a quality that is apparently lacking in much of our countrymen these days: guts.

Notice I haven’t brought race into the story at all … it’s for each of you to decide for yourselves where you stand on that issue.

The fact that there are thugs and criminals in our society is nothing new. Violence is part of human nature, and many never rise above that primal instinct. But in the past, there were enough good guys to stand up to the bad guys, whether it was on the playground, the streets of Anytown USA, or the beaches of Iwo Jima. Somewhere along the way, we lost our guts, we lost our spine. These days, we’re so bent on self-preservation and looking out for #1, that we’re afraid to stand up to thugs and protect those who need our protection. "But, but, but...if I say something, that big guy might punch me, too! It would hurt!"

I dare say if all those standing in that pizza line had turned on the bully, the young man may not have gotten his eye socket broken. Had those McDonald’s employees been more concerned with stopping the attack and less with shooting a cellphone video, the young woman may not have been beaten into a seizure. We're no longer the nation that Admiral Yamamoto warned against invading, because in America, there was "a rifle behind every blade of grass." We're a nation that's so scared of suffering a bloody nose that we'll let an innocent stranger get beaten to a bloody pulp by thugs. That must really intimidate the hell out of the unseen enemy, who's preparing another attack on us as we fret over what Lindsay Lohan is going to wear to her next court appearance. The Chicoms, the Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Venezuelans and Mexican drug cartels must really be shaking in their boots.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin protest shows need for conservative pop culture

What stands out in my mind, after three days of watching video from the public employee protests in Madison, Wisconsin, is the presence of young people at the protest. I'm not talking young teachers or state employees, I'm talking kids!

School kids who should be sitting in class, learning about what caused the budget crisis in the first place. Kids who should be learning about it in terms of math, civics and economics. Kids whose teachers should be passing along that knowledge without any bias or partisanship. It would be a perfect opportunity to explain how the tax structure is unfairly stacked against those who produce wealth and actually create jobs, but favors those who produce the least, despite the fact they're by far the biggest beneficiaries of government largess.

But their schools are closed, their desks are empty, because their teachers have called in sick to attend the protest. The classes that should be taught are not, because the Leftist beliefs of their teachers (and other unionized state employees...which is all of them in non-right to work Wisconsin) demand the students be loaded up and taken on a field trip that would bring a tear of pride to Hugo Chavez's eye.

Here are some examples of what's going on in Madison, and on the streets outside the Statehouse, that you'll probably not see in the drive-by media. I found them on You Tube. In the first video, we see how much the students really know about why they're there:

I really like the kid who says, "We're trying to stop whatever this dude is doing." Yeah...like, you know, that dude who, like, runs things is, you know, like, not doin' something that, like, my teacher is all like 'oh man, that sucks' and everything, you know what I'm sayin'?

Then there are the protesters outside, blocking traffic on the taxpayer-funded streets of Madison:

Note the sign, at :30, which reads "People Over Profit"...class agitation that would make ol' Chairman Mao, Uncle Joe Stalin, and Marx, Lenin and Engels beam with pride.

Finally, look at the high school kids, and some that look junior high age, wielding bullhorns and chanting their pro-union battle cries, right in the Capitol rotunda:

17 years ago, I first heard Limbaugh talk about the indoctrination being forced upon little "skulls full of mush" in government schools. That generation, raised on Ritalin and fed a steady low-accomplishment, high-self-esteem mental diet, are now among those shouting into bullhorns and waving protest signs, instead of teaching their students the harsh cold realities of civics, taxation, and economics. If we don't reach today's skulls full of mush --thanks, Rush -- our future is, in the best case scenario, a more extreme version of what we're seeing on the streets of Madison today (and likely in other state capitals in days to come). The more likely scenario is that we won't have a nation at all, at least not one that resembles what I was taught to love, and defend to the death if need be.

As I've said before, kids don't surf the Heritage Foundation website, they don't listen to Beck or Hannity, and they don't watch Fox News. They listen to rap and "death metal", watch movies and reality TV, play video games and daydream they're LeBron James. If they get any "news" at all (and I seriously doubt the kid who calls Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 'that dude' is a news consumer), it comes from Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

Pop culture is the way we're going to have to reach them. We've got to deliver our message in an envelope they'll actually open. We've got to reach them on the dance floor, the mosh pit, in their cars, at the movie theaters, and through their X-Boxes. Otherwise, all our words are going to sail over their heads, in one ear and out the other, and will sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.

I attended a Tea Party rally yesterday on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse. The theme was "no new taxes", and the keynote speaker was Grover Norquist. His speech was interesting and engrossing to all but the three very loud, very profane, 30-something or younger hecklers. I noticed that, out of a crowd of about 60, only a dozen or so appeared to be early 30s or younger. That included the media, the profane hecklers, and two passers-by, who stopped to see what the hubbub was all about.

Even if school kids had been allowed to take a field trip to the rally, the majority wouldn't have gotten a thing out of it. Norquist is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker, but to a teen or 20-something, he would have been Charlie Brown's teacher. He didn't have a hip-hop beat behind his speech, or a wall of grinding guitars, or even a Hollywood entourage worthy of a crappy HBO show.

A conservative, patriotic, smaller-and-less-intrusive government message is what's going to save our country, but if it's Charlie Brown's teacher delivering it, kids will shrug their shoulders and go back to their X-Boxes.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Just One Gun

Just One Gun
by 10 Pound Test

Dateline: Killeen, Texas, October 16th (the Lone Star would cry)
The sound of gunfire can be heard still (they didn't have to die)
The day Hennard the psycho acted on his grudge
And lined up 23 unarmed, helpless people for the kill

Just one gun...could've stopped the madman in his tracks
Just one gun...they'd be alive today
Just one gun...guaranteed to stop any attack
But they're tryin' still to take 'em all away!

Dateline: Virginia Tech in the dogwoods and willows (we're still askin' why)
Cho Seung Hui snapped and 32 died (they didn't have to die)
They had no way to protect themselves, so they jumped from the windows
And ran away from the horror inside.

Just one gun...could've stopped the madman in his tracks
Just one gun...they'd be alive today
Just one gun...guaranteed to stop any attack
But they're tryin' still to take 'em all away!

There's no good reason why anyone who obeys the rules
Shouldn't be allowed to protect themselves from Criminals, tyrants, psychos and fools
But the politicians say that only they, and those that they choose
Will be allowed the means to protect themselves...
And the rest of us can lose our precious FREEDOM!


Dateline: Colorado Springs in the Rocky Mountain State (none of them would die)
A madman with a rifle and the urge to kill (none of them would die)
One woman looked him in the eye, took aim and shot straight
Hundreds of people were safe, thanks to her guts and to her skill

And just one gun...it stopped the madman in his track
Just one gun...they're all alive today
Just one gun...no politico or journalistic hack
Is ever gonna take my guns away!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is conservative pop culture possible? Yes, if...

It dawned on me a few days ago that, in our struggle to win back our country, we're leaving a powerful weapon in the rack, unused by anyone but our enemies...pop culture. Yes, I'm talking music, movies, sports and video games.

Generation.com is arguably the most media-exposed, high-tech, plugged-in, and entertainment-centric generation in this nation's history. Entertainment isn't just a distraction for the 30-and-under set. It's not just a reward for a long week's toil in the fields, the garage, or the factory. It's a way of life, and increasingly, it's a livelihood as well.

Pop culture holds sway over Generation.com like nothing else. Young people emulate their favorite rockers and rappers. They snap up anything with a picture of their favorite greasy-haired pretty boy actor from the "Twilight" movies. They spend nearly every waking moment thinking about someone or something cool they saw in a movie, or in a video game, or on last night's installment of WWE or UFC.

Why are we not using art and pop culture for our own purposes? The Left has long used it effectively to push their agendas, and to warp and skew the mindset of the younger generation(s). Why don't we? Is it because as conservatives, we find art beneath us? Do we think that art is something that "they" do, and we don't? Or is it just that there isn't the infrastructure in place to record, film and market conservative music, movies and video games?

Certainly there are conservative business people and opinion makers out there who have the capital, or could band together to raise the the money needed to build movie production companies and record labels. I'd do it myself, but I'm just a dirt-poor musician and songwriter who wishes there were such backing for my music. I'm not alone. It takes some searching, but conservative rock bands can be found. I'm also quite sure there are conservative, pro-American actors and actresses out there who would love to be able to ply their trade without fear of being blacklisted by the liberal Hollyweird thugocracy. If we could put their talents to use for the American cause, and to win the hearts and minds of the younger generation, isn't that something that conservative movers and shakers could get behind? More importantly, isn't it something they might open their checkbooks to support?

So instead of getting your shorts in a knot the next time you hear a car load of kids thumping out the latest gangster (c)rap, imagine that same car and kids, blasting a song about how great it feels to be free and to be an American.

What we need is the infrastructure to turn ideas into songs played on car stereos, movies in DVD players, and video games in X-Boxes. What we need is for conservative celebrities and athletes to feel free to express their views to American society, and not fear for losing their jobs if they do. What we need is the support of those who have the means to build that needed infrastructure. We need them to open their checkbooks and help us advance our conservative, pro-American agenda. The talent is out here, ready to win back the hearts and minds of Generation.com, and to win back our future. We just need support.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Liberal Girl

Liberal Girl by 10 Pound Test

The other day I was out fishin' and my buddy said to me
"Hey, in case you hadn't noticed, you done turned 43,
Are you ever gonna find a good woman, and settle down?"
Well, it's not from lack of tryin' that I'm still a bachelor
It's all the wasted time that's got me askin' "what for?"
And thinkin' the elusive Miss Right will never be found.

I've been to the gym, to Church, to the bars
I've clicked on every website between Idaho and Mars,
Dated lots and lots of women, but you know, they all seem the same.
If I had a dollar for each dingbat I'd met, I'd be Don Trump
But that's not the big reason for this Lotharian slump
It's our dumbed-down TV society that I blame.

I could never settle down with a liberal girl
One that thinks we came from monkeys and the Big Bang made the world
Always yappin', gums a-flappin', global warming
Man, it makes me wanna hurl.
Any girl I'd ever think about askin' to be mine's
Gotta have her head on straight, gotta have it on the line
She's gotta love the USA, not be a "citizen of the world".
Don't want no liberal girl.

So my buddy said to me, "man, you're views have gotta change,
I've never met no one who thinks like you, it's really kinda strange.
Is it really that important for your woman to share your outlook on life?"
Well, I've never dealt well with abject stupidity
And that's the key ingredient in liberalism, doncha see?
I'd probably jump off a cliff if I had a whiny liberal wife.
"Buy the twisty light bulbs...they use less 'lectricity."
Did ya ever stop to think they also have more mercury?
You're always cryin' 'bout how it pollutes rivers and lakes.
"The undocumented only take the jobs that we won't do."
Yeah, they're fillin' up our hospitals, schools and prisons, too.
There's a legal way to come here...you don't like it, tough, that's the breaks!

I could never settle down with a liberal girl
One that thinks we came from monkeys and the Big Bang made the world
Always yappin, gums a-flappin', gun control
Man, it makes me wanna hurl!
Any girl I'd ever think about askin' to be mine's
Gotta have her head on straight, gotta have it on the line
She's gotta love the USA, not be a "citizen of the world".
Don't want no liberal girl.

(Guitar solo)

So my buddy finally said he that he guessed he understood
But he hoped that I was happy with confirmed bachelorhood.
'Cause the way I was goin' he doubted I'd ever find a mate.
Well, if I was like most guys I'd be a-changin' my ways
Like a mouse lookin' for a piece of cheese in a maze.
Sellin' out your principles, man, what a horrible fate!
"No one but the police should be allowed to have guns."
Yeah, just leave us to the whims of ever crook under the Sun
Besides, it's not the Bill of Needs, it's the Bill of Rights.
"If two people wanna marry, doesn't matter if they're gay."
Marriage means one man, one woman and there's no other way.
But when I tell her anything, she's like a deer caught in headlights.

So do ya see why...

I could never settle down with a liberal girl
One that thinks we came from monkeys and the Big Bang made the world
Always yappin, gums a-flappin', homo marriage
Man, it makes me wanna hurl!
Any girl I'd ever think about askin' to be mine's
Gotta have her head on straight, gotta have it on the line
She's gotta love the USA, not be a "citizen of the world".
Don't want no liberal girl.

copyright 2008